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Interested in learning to play the Saxophone or Clarinet?

At DeBase Music Centre we offer Saxophone and Clarinet lessons in Auckland to suit all ages, and all skill levels, from beginner to advanced.

The (Saxophone/Clarinet) is an instrument found in a wide variety of styles and musical settings such as Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock and Funk. The (Saxophone/Clarinet) is used as a solo and melody instrument or is a member in small or larger ensembles. In classical music, it is seen commonly in concert bands, chamber music, solo repertoire, and orchestras. In jazz, small combos or in big bands, And In contemporary music such as Pop, Rock or Funk, in horn sections or as a solo instrument. Our tutors are professional, qualified, and have years of teaching and performance experience in all styles and can cater to your individual needs.

Our (Saxophone/Clarinet) lessons cover:
- Sound and technique
- How to read music
- Basic to advanced concepts in music theory
- A wide variety of playing styles and genres which include Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Funk etc.  
- Jazz Improvisation, theory, and repertoire
- Classical performance and repertoire
- Memorizing tunes  

- Lessons are tailored to the individual's goals and needs.

Why DeBase 

  • All our tutors are fully qualified, with years of coaching experience

  • We are Kiwi owned and operated

  • Our facilities are clean and professional

  • We use quality gear

  • Our rates are highly competitive

  • We are flexible, with tailor-made tuition programs to suit your individual needs


Contact us today and we'll be happy to help with organizing your first free introductory lesson!


Clarinet 1

Term Rates

Payment in advance required

30min One on One Lesson - $33.00

45min One on One Lesson - $48.00

60min One on One Lesson - $58.00

*We follow the Trinity College Grading system

(Book fees apply)


Casual Lesson Rates (Adults only)

Pay as you go

60min One on One Lesson - $62.00

Terms 2024 @ DeBase Music Centre


Term 1: Monday 22nd January 2024 to Saturday 13th April 2024

(12 weeks)

Public Holidays:

Monday 29th January 2024              Monday 6th February 2024

Friday 29th March 2024             Monday 1st April 2024



Term 2: Monday 29th April 2024 to Saturday 6th July 2024

(10 weeks)

Public Holidays:

Monday 3rd June 2024               Friday 28th June 2024



Term 3: Monday 22nd July 2024 to Saturday 28th September 2024

(10 weeks)


Term 4: Monday 14th October 2024 to Saturday 21st December 2024

(10 weeks)

Public Holiday: Monday 28th October 2024

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