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Annie: The Musical - Auditions

Audition Time/Date:
Sunday 26th of June 1pm to 4pm

Venue: Polish Association House
No 1, McDonald Street, 
Auckland 1025

Contact us at 02040043604 or

Application close on 23rd of June 2022

Application Form

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

Audition Details


Auditionees will be taught segments from three songs throughout the day, “Tomorrow”, “Hard Knock Life” and “Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile”. Although they will be taught, listening to the songs in advance would be an advantage.


Auitionees will also learn a short dance segment and participate in an acting workshop before reading scenes.


Please wear clothing that you are comfortable to move and dance in and appropriate footwear (ex. sneakers, jazz shoes, ballet shoes).



Annie is a complex, tough, streetwise urchin who is surprisingly vulnerable when she thinks she might lose what has become most important to her: her newfound "family." Cast an excellent actress who can act motherly, independent, overwhelmed and hopeful. She should be strong vocally and musically and be able to light up the stage in "Tomorrow!" Vocal range: D5 - A3


The Orphans are gritty girls that are neglected and vulnerable, yet basically honest and lovable. Cast girls that can have "mischievous" fun together, as well as "sibling style" fights. Each actress should be able to shape her own specific character, be a good singer and visually expressive. Ages are “playing age”, actors do not need to be this age to play the character. Vocal range: B4 - A3

  • Molly, the littlest (Age 6)

  • Kate (Age 7)

  • Tessie, the crybaby (Age 11)

  • Pepper, the toughest (Age 12)

  • July, the quietest, motherly one (Age 13)

  • Duffy, the oldest (Age 13)

  • Various other ensemble orphan roles

*note ages are not solidified, these are just a guide*

These performances of Annie are licensed exclusively by Music Theatre International (Australasia). All performance materials supplied by Hal Leonard Australia

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